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Jean Kuczka was a teacher in St. Louis who died at the hands of a very troubled youth. She gave her life as a teacher. She knew what it was like to give back to our youth. She was protecting what she valued most, her students, and it cost her, her life.

In an instant her life was snuffed out while she was doing what she loved, teaching. She once wrote, I cannot imagine myself in any other career but teaching. Many of her former students are stating how much she meant to them as they try to come to grips with this horrendous tragedy. Jean loved to teach.

Jean was active in so many things and when her son was diagnosed she took to the roads to make a difference in JDRF’s Ride. In fact she was preparing to participate in ride #15 at the Amelia Island Ride to Cure Diabetes. Now as many people know, I have two kids with T1D and have been with the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation for a long time, and on this day, I made a donation to Jean’s Ride to benefit the JDRF. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT JEAN WOULD WANT. Join with me.

I did this because Jean had a dream. A world without T1D for her child and the millions who wait for a cure. Her upcoming ride was a huge part of that dream and how she intended to make a difference. Her dream was cut short because of an assassins bullet. This is not about organizations. This is not about anything else but helping Jean keep her dream alive. So click this link. Join me and make a donation to Jean’s page supporting the great work at the JDRF. Wouldn’t it be great if it becomes the most amount ever raised by a rider in JDRF history! I have always said, just don’t do nothing, well…….in this case please don’t do nothing. Please just give a few bucks in honor of a woman who had, as her highest priority, our youth.

Her life meant something. Let’s show the world that the diabetes community cares. One of our own has fallen. Let’s hold her life up as an example of all that is good. Please give a few bucks to her cause. Let’s Jean’s wish of a successful ride……..be the best one ever. Thank you for caring.

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