The Friday Six: Feb 3, 2023



It is supposed to be -20 degrees here in New England, which means that I refuse to leave my house until the cold snap passes along. To keep my mind from freezing, I’ve been combing through the diabetes online community posts (and the Internet in general) to see what’s new and to share what resonates.

A Friday Six! It’s been a while since one of these.

  • Big news! And I read it on diaTribe first: “The FDA cleared Tidepool Loop for people with type 1 diabetes ages six and up. Tidepool Loop is now the first “do-it-yourself” automated insulin delivery system with clearance from the FDA.”
  • If you are not watching Hot Ones (the show where the guest and host Sean Evans eat hot wings that progress in hotness, and then he slams them with really well-researched questions while the interviewee spices-sweats through their answers), start now. Watching musicians and actors under the scorch of the Scoville scale is a quality way to pass some treadmill time.
  • I love this post from Renza about the power of storytellers. “In the world of advocacy – in my advocacy life – lived experience is everything. I can’t wait to hear more stories, meet more people and learn more. And keep centring lived experience stories.” Check out her post at Diabetogenic.
  • “It was the beginning of feeling connected for the next 24 hours and I’m still using that same hair elastic and I will until it feels too stretched out to hold my hair the way I’d like it to. (no judgment). But why does it hold so much significance?” Read The Hair Elastic, and her recap of the Moms Night Out event, from Anna Sabino over on her blog.
  • “February is the worst month of the year.” I saw this video from KMOX1120’s Kevin Killeen for the first time yesterday, and I love it. I love it so much. “It’s as if there’s some awful truth out there in the trees; it’s hiding in the branches.”

That’s six. if you have something you’d like to share – diabetes or otherwise – pop a link in the comments. And stay warm!!


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