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This post is from Laura, who is still processing a rotten diabetes week and could use a boost from the diabetes community. See below for her message:

Hope you all are doing okay. It’s been a week plus extra over here. I’m okay. Tired. I think I’m finally emerging out of this cruel, bizarro week when practically everything in the “Bad stuff can happen, so be prepared” chapter of the diabetes handbook happened in a matter of days.

Unexplainable sustained low blood sugar for six hours? Yep. Throwing up while low, therefore unable to treat said low. Yep. Paramedics in the living room and an ambulance ride to emerge? Yep. Readings from 2.9 to 22.2? That too. CGM alarms waking you six to seven times a night? Yep. How about a failed pump site, just when you think you might be getting back on track? Of course. And a failed CGM site? At this point, why not.

I’m ready for the new week. And some naps. And some 5.5 magic. Please. ???? ????????????‍????❤️

Take good care,

Laura (Brandes… in case you wondered ????


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