Medical Treatment & Medication: Novartis’ Commitment to Reimagining Medicine


Reimagining Medicine: Novartis’ Commitment to Medical Treatment & Medication

Novartis is a global healthcare company committed to reimagining medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. With a focus on medical treatment and medication, Novartis is dedicated to developing innovative solutions and technologies that deliver transformative outcomes for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Our Mission and Strategy

Novartis’ mission is to discover, develop, and deliver breakthrough treatments and technologies that improve and extend people’s lives. To achieve this, the company has developed a comprehensive strategy that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and patient engagement.

Novartis invests heavily in research and development in order to bring new treatments and technologies to market. The Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) serves as the company’s innovation engine, conducting cutting-edge research across multiple therapeutic areas.

Patient and Caregiver Information

Novartis is committed to supporting patients and their caregivers by providing them with access to the latest information, resources, and technologies. The company offers a range of services, including clinical trial recruiting, managed access programs, funding opportunities for patient organizations, and side effect reporting.

Healthcare Professional Resources

Novartis also provides healthcare professionals with a range of resources and tools to help them deliver the best possible care to their patients. These resources include clinical trial recruiting, grant funding, congresses, and country-level information.

Research and Development

At Novartis, research and development is a critical component of the company’s mission to reimagine medicine. Through the NIBR and other research initiatives, Novartis is actively working to discover and develop breakthrough treatments and technologies that can improve and extend people’s lives.

Novartis’ research areas span multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, neuroscience, immunology, and more. The company also leverages a range of technology platforms to drive innovation, such as genomics, data science, and digital health.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Novartis is committed to making a positive impact on the world by providing access to innovative medicines, protecting the environment, and upholding high ethical standards. The company’s Novartis in Society Integrated Report provides a detailed overview of its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.


Investors can access a range of updates and resources through Novartis. These include financial information, disclosures, events, share price, ESG, and reporting.


Journalists can visit Novartis’ news page to access a range of media releases, statements, stories, multimedia resources, and more.


Novartis is a dynamic and growing company, and it is always seeking talented individuals to join its team. Job seekers can visit the company’s careers page to browse open positions and learn more about its strategy and culture.

Clinical Trials

Novartis actively promotes clinical trials and seeks to engage with patients and healthcare providers to advance medical research. Patients can visit Novartis’ clinical trials page to find recruiting clinical trials and learn more about how to participate in or work with Novartis on clinical studies.


Novartis collaborates with a range of partners to improve and extend people’s lives. The company’s approach to partnering combines capabilities, collaboration, and culture to drive innovation and accelerate progress.

Supplier Portal

Novartis works with suppliers around the world to ensure that it has access to the resources it needs to deliver innovative treatments and technologies to patients. The company’s supplier portal provides practical information and resources for suppliers.


Novartis is committed to reimagining medicine and delivering innovative treatments and technologies that improve and extend people’s lives. Through its research and development initiatives, patient and healthcare provider resources, and commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives, Novartis is helping to shape the future of healthcare. To learn more about Novartis and its mission, visit


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