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Diabetes stigma is a hot button topic in the diabetes world. It has been for some time. I wrote just last month how stigma was one of the most talked about issues at ADA. That week, we also launched an Open Letter from the Diabetes Community, asking health professionals to join us in our call to stop diabetes stigma.

And behind the scenes, for all of this year, another exciting, BIG, project has been hatching and I’m so excited to share it today.

Earlier this year, in an unprecedented show of unity and determination, a group of 51 experts from 18 countries joined forces to pool our lived, research and clinical experience to address diabetes stigma and discrimination. Together, we’ve reviewed the scientific evidence and established an international consensus on 49 Statements of Evidence and Recommendations. The full report on this review has been submitted and is currently under review.

Excitingly, the group also reached a consensus on a Pledge dedicated to bringing an end to diabetes stigma and discrimination. And that’s where you come in! Everyone can sign to show your commitment stop the ingrained negative judgments, stereotypes, and prejudices that influence attitudes about diabetes, and contribute to the stigma so many of us face. This isn’t just for the community. We know there is sometimes an echo chamber as we say the same things to each other, over and over. We also know that while diabetes stigma is indeed prevalent within our community, we also need to tell the story of its harm outside the diabetes world.

Well, here’s an easy way to do both. Please sign the pledge and share details across your social platforms. You can sign as an individual, and we’d also love for you to see if your place of work, school, community group, hospital, church, sporting team, favourite cafe…basically anywhere that is likely to come into contact with people with diabetes (i.e. literally everyone!) would be interested in signing too.

This is a true community effort, with involvement from stakeholders from across the diabetes landscape, across the world. You won’t see logos anywhere, because this for and about all people with diabetes. The names of the people involved in the work so far is on the website.

Are you with us?

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