Type 2 Diabetics lose 3 to 4 years for every decade that they have the disease. – Diabetes Diet



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Adapted from BMJ 7 Oct 23

An analysis of data from 1.5 million people from 19 countries indicates that for every decade that someone is diagnosed with type two diabetes, they will lose 3 to 4 years of life expectancy.

In the USA if you are a 50 year old man, you would be likely to lose 14 years if you had been diagnosed at age 30, 10 years if you were diagnosed age 40 and 6 years if you were diagnosed aged 50, compared to someone who was not diabetic.

My comment: Given that there is a big rise in type 2 diabetes diagnosis in children and young adults, this is pretty concerning. Of course, there are ways to effectively manage the condition and even put it into remission. There are more effective drugs available but cutting out refined carbohydrates and regular exercise are two of the most effective thing that people can do for themselves.


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