Diabestie Alicia Torres thrived with low vision after partially losing her eyesight because of diabetes




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In the podcast interview on “Your Diabestie” hosted by Mila Clarke, Alicia Torres shares her extensive journey with diabetes, spanning over 25 years, starting from her 20s.

Initially, Torres did not take her diagnosis seriously, leading to frequent hospitalizations due to unmanaged insulin levels. The conversation highlights the stigmatization surrounding medication in diabetes management and the importance of embracing medical assistance for a better quality of life.

Torres’s life took a drastic turn two years prior to the interview when she lost vision in her right eye and suffered low vision in her left due to a detached retina, exacerbated by stress, high blood sugar, and blood pressure.

This health crisis led to a period of depression and self-perceived worthlessness for Torres.

However, a pivotal moment of independence and self-realization helped her overcome her despair, adopting a warrior mindset towards her condition and life.

The interview delves into Torres’s transformation and empowerment, culminating in her move to a new state, where she found purpose through starting a podcast titled “I’m More Than Enough, Period”

Through her platform, she shares personal stories of overcoming adversity, aiming to inspire and empower women by promoting self-love and resilience.

The podcast covers various topics, including self-love, setting boundaries, and navigating challenging relationships.

Mila Clarke and Alicia Torres discuss the significance of asking questions and being proactive in one’s healthcare journey, especially in managing diabetes.

They underscore the value of questioning and researching medications rather than passively accepting prescriptions.

Torres encourages listeners to find her podcast and connect with her on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to continue engaging with her empowering messages and stories.

The interview concludes with Clarke expressing gratitude for Torres’s openness and the inspirational insights shared during the session.

You can find Alicia on Instagram and at her Website.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to Your Diabestie Podcast with Mila Clarke

Mila Clarke: Welcome, everyone! I’m Mila, living with late-onset autoimmune diabetes. This podcast is here to remind you that you’re not alone in your diabetes journey. Today, we’re joined by Alicia Torres, a beacon of hope in the diabetes community. How are you, Alicia?

Alicia Torres: I’m doing great, Mila. Thanks for having me on the show.

Mila Clarke: It’s a pleasure! Let’s dive in. Alicia, can you share your journey with diabetes?

Alicia Torres: Sure, I’ve been living with diabetes for over 25 years, starting in my 20s. Initially, I didn’t take my diagnosis seriously, often eating whatever I wanted and neglecting my insulin, which led to frequent hospital stays due to unstable blood sugar levels.

Mila Clarke: It’s common to hear about the stigma around medication in diabetes management. How has your perspective changed over the years?

Alicia Torres: My outlook has significantly changed. Two years ago, I lost vision in my right eye and now have low vision in my left due to a detached retina, a consequence of my unmanaged diabetes amidst personal stress. This was a wake-up call for me to take my health seriously.

Mila Clarke: That sounds incredibly challenging. How did you adapt to the changes in your eye health?

Alicia Torres: Initially, I was in denial, ignoring my symptoms until I lost vision in my right eye. That experience led to a deep depression, feeling like my life was over. But, one day, I realized I still had my left eye and my mobility. That was the turning point for me to stop pitying myself and start living as a warrior.

Mila Clarke: Your strength is inspiring. How has this journey impacted your life now?

Alicia Torres: It’s completely transformed my life. I moved to a new state to start fresh, launched a podcast called “I’m More Than Enough,” and began sharing my story openly, focusing on self-love and women’s empowerment.

Mila Clarke: Incredible. Can you tell us more about your podcast?

Alicia Torres: “I Am More Than Enough” is a platform where I share my personal struggles, from my adoption and lack of familial love to overcoming self-esteem issues and toxic relationships. It’s about finding self-love and setting healthy boundaries.

Mila Clarke: What advice do you have for our listeners living with diabetes?

Alicia Torres: Always listen to your doctors and ask questions. Don’t just accept medication without understanding why it’s prescribed. Being informed is key.

Mila Clarke: And where can our audience find you?

Alicia Torres: You can find me on Instagram at @period_spells_spelled_out and on Facebook as Alicia Torres. My podcast, “I Am More Than Enough,” is available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and more.

Mila Clarke: Thank you, Alicia, for sharing your powerful story with us. For our listeners, check out Alicia’s podcast and connect with her online for more inspiration.

Alicia Torres: It was a pleasure being here. Thank you, Mila.

Mila Clarke: And thank you to everyone for listening. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey.


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