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Especially during the time of COVID, it was not so uncommon to rely on doctor’s visits via what was called telehealth.  Actually, during COVID we had tele—everything.  Not only appointments at the Docs but conferences, lectures, school classes, and meetings were all moved to a virtual “Tele-world”.

One article I read stated that Zoom grew 500% during the height of the pandemic. That’s a lot of participants. So I have a quick question today.  Knowing that the convenience of attending from home, along with the fact that some people like the autonomy, would you participate in a Zoom Support Group meeting? I always hated the name ‘support group’ but until a better name comes along, let’s say Tele-support group for now.

If you attended one, what would you like to see?  What would make it appealing to you?  What age groups?  What topics?

Feel free to answer here, just post a reply in the comments.
Thank you.

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