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Adapted from BMJ Dec 4 2021

A Scottish study showed that one in 20 people diagnosed with type two diabetes gained remission long term. This was defined as having a HbA1c of below 48 mmol/mol.

In comparison with those who did not gain remission, they tended to be older, to have a lower HbA1c at diagnosis, not to have taken glucose lowering medications, and to have lost weight since diagnosis. They were also more likely to have had bariatric surgery.

A review of weight loss diets in diabetics reported in Diabetolgia, reported gloomy results for all of the diets that they reviewed. Meaningful weight loss did not occur often.

These included low carbohydrate diets, high protein, Mediterranean and vegetarian. The best results were for low calorie liquid shakes when these replaced normal food. But even then the weight loss was only a few kilograms.

Most people with type two diabetes need to lose weight to improve their cardiovascular risk, especially if they don’t want to rely on lifelong medication.


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