10 Diabetes-Friendly Taco Recipes



Let’s take a moment to “taco ‘bout” tacos and how they are typically served at restaurants. Oftentimes, tacos are served with cheese, sour cream, and a never-ending basket of tortilla chips. These additions can contribute a lot of fat, calories, and carbs to the meal. If you are trying to eat a diabetes-friendly version, consider making tacos at home using healthier ingredients like those that are found in these 10 recipes that will take your next taco Tuesday to the next level.

10 Diabetes-Friendly Taco Recipes

This recipe round-up has a variety of taco options, from traditional to Asian-inspired to plant-based versions. These diabetes-friendly taco recipes use fresh veggies, lower-fat cheese and sour cream alternatives, and spices to boost flavor—making them just as tasty as the original. 

Diabetes-Friendly Pork Tacos

 Chipotle BBQ Pork Folded Tacos

Calories: 160 | Carbs: 15

Break out the slow cooker for this Tex-Mex inspired pork taco. Finished off in a simmering BBQ and chipotle chili and spice blend, the resulting shredded pork is a juicy filling for a healthier version of southwestern tacos.

 Ponzu Pork Tacos with Mandarin Oranges

Calories: 370 | Carbs: 38

The Japanese ponzu sauce adds Asian-inspired flair to the traditionally Mexican taco. A little bit sweet, a little bit salty, with a touch of heat from red peppers, this recipe checks all the flavor boxes.

Diabetes-Friendly Chicken and Turkey Tacos

Diabetic Sweet Potato Chicken Taco Sweet Potato and Spinach Chicken Tacos

Calories: 250 | Carbs: 28

Filled with fresh veggies, this savory chicken taco is incredibly filling and rich. Shredded chicken adds protein alongside nutrient-rich spinach, sweet potato, and fresh pico de gallo.

Diabetic Turkey Taco Turkey Tacos

Calories: 260 | Carbs: 19

Lean ground turkey makes a great base for a delicious taco meal. This turkey taco recipe has a spicy kick that can be adjusted by adding more or less jalapeño.

Diabetes-Friendly Seafood Tacos

 Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Calories: 220 | Carbs: 17

These simple grilled shrimp tacos are delicious as is or with different toppings. Try topping these tacos with pico de gallo, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced radishes, onion, shredded cabbage, or even half a grilled peach.

 Grilled Fish Tacos with Strawberry-Mango Salsa

Calories: 260 | Carbs: 31

This fish taco recipe becomes extra lively when you top if off with juicy strawberry-mango salsa. The sweet berries and tropical mango are the perfect combo for this festive dish.

Diabetes-Friendly Vegetarian/Veggie Tacos

 Corn and Zucchini Tacos

Calories: 155 | Carbs: 27

Filled with colorful fresh vegetables, this taco is nutrient dense and contains fiber and a variety of nutrients. Flavored with chili powder and cumin, these zesty tacos are great if you are trying to eat more plant-based foods.  

Diabetic vegetarian plant based tacos Vegetarian Tacos

Calories: 250 | Carbs: 41

These tacos don’t require any cooking, which makes it easy for you to put together a quick and easy plant-based meal and be on your way. Plus, consider topping them with plant-based cheese!

Taco Inspired Recipes

Diabetic shrimp avocado taco bowl Shrimp and Avocado Taco Bowls

Calories: 230 | Carbs: 16

This low-carb taco bowl swaps tortilla shells for lettuce. Fresh and bright, it combines sweet pineapple with spicy jalapeño and creamy avocado for a dish that is satisfying and diabetes friendly.  

 Healthy Taco Dip

Calories: 45 | Carbs: 4

Lower in carbs, calories, and fat, this diabetes-friendly taco dip uses heart healthy fat like fresh avocado and is topped with reduced-fat cheese to make a delicious dip. Try serving it with fresh veggies for a tasty appetizer you’ll enjoy.


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