Parents Lose a Child……Do More, Why Don’t We? – DiabetesDad



I have often stated the phrase, Just Don’t Do Nothing. It is pretty straight forward and self explanatory. We, as parents of children with T1D, should not be waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting when it comes to anything diabetes related. Advocacy, fundraising, helping others the question remains if not us, than who?

Here is another factor to add that, if anything, should probably guilt us into action, some action, any action. In my many years in this battle, I have lost count of how many families lost a child due to T1D. Whether it was dead-in-bed-syndrome, or they went hypoglycemic as they slept and passed, or just went into a glycemic reaction and did not make it, families have suffered the devastating and incomprehensible loss and you know what they did, they threw themselves into a diabetes cause. Fund raising, support, advocacy, and/or something else helping those of us who have no idea of that immeasurable pain.


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