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I don’t write this diabetes blog much these days, but I still have diabetes. And I still write. So it makes sense that I’d rejoin the writing world, letting the words encapsulate my feelings so that they can escape my mind and disperse their emotional weight digitally.

It just feels good to write some of this stuff down. 

Diabetes is a Thing TM. Yes, it’s helped me grow and fine tune some of my strengths, but even on my best days, on my easiest days with this disease, it’s still a big ol’ pain in the butt. Writing about the ups and down, as literal as they may be, helps process my feelings.

I love digging deep into my feelings, diving way down. I’m a feelings spelunker.

Chronic illness should be accompanied by an on-call therapist who can confirm for me on a daily basis that yes, it is somewhat unusual to have to do the work of an under-productive pancreas every day, but the alternative is death, so get cracking on understanding the endocrine system, Kerri.

I still have a lot to say (big surprise) so I’ve moved over to Substack, where I’ll be sharing stuff regularly. There are free subscriptions and paid ones. I realize that’s a shift, and I appreciate your support however you decide to join. I’d love to see you over there! You can subscribe by clicking this link, or the button below. Or the image over there. There’s linky bits all over the place.

And thank you so much for being part of my support ecosystem for the last (almost) twenty years. If you’ve known me since my diagnosis, it would be thirty-seven years. Holy moly.


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